After 6 months of sleep deprivation, coffee IV drips, and a few “why-do-I-keep-doing-this-to-myself” existential crises, I have finally finished a massive update of my comprehensive Japanese learning guide, Master Japanese: The Beginner’s Step-by-Step Guide to Learning Nihongo the Fun Way.

As with previous updates, I started off with the simple intent of fixing a few typos and adding some new online resources. But as I got underway, my inner perfectionist stole the reins. I thought I banished him to The Productivity Netherworld already? I guess he climbed back…

Anyway, the result of all the coffee-tinged sweat and tears is a completely redesigned guide that is better organized, better designed, and packed full of new tips and resources.

And remember, if you bought a previous version of the guide, you get free updates for life. If you haven’t received the update email from me, please let me know.


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