Master Japanese

Master Japanese shares the tools and resources you need to learn languages the fun, modern way, leveraging technology instead of drudgery, intelligent use of psychology instead of sheer willpower, and free online resources instead of back-breaking, budget-busting books. The guide includes tips and tools to help you 1) Master all four Japanese language skills (listening, speaking, reading, and writing), 2) Save time and learn on your own terms (Your time should be spent actually acquiring Japanese, not searching for tools and materials), 3) Use brain-friendly methods (Learn how to harness your innate language acquisition capabilities—we ALL have them!)—and how to work with, not against, human psychology), and 4) Learn anywhere & everywhere (You’ll see how to create a Japanese immersion environment no matter where you happen to live, while also helping you harness hidden moments throughout the day to maximize your exposure to the language no matter how busy you may be).

Master Mandarin

You don’t need to spend thousands on classes. You don’t need boring textbooks. You don’t need to be good at languages. And you don’t have to move to China or Taiwan (though that’s great if you can). What you need are the right tools, “S.M.A.R.T.” goals, adult-friendly methods, and fun materials suited to your interests. This is precisely what Master Mandarin provides. I’ve been learning and teaching languages for over a decade, and have poured everything I’ve learned (and everything I wish I had known when starting out) into Master Mandarin: The Beginner’s Step-by-Step Guide to Learning Chinese the Fun Way. With the guide, you’ll have everything you need to acquire Chinese using proven strategies, free online tools, and materials you love.