Richard SimcottRichard Simcott is an accomplished polyglot with impressive abilities in over 16 languages, a feat that led HarperCollins to call him “one of the most multilingual people from The United Kingdom”. Richard shares his language learning wisdom, tips, interviews, and super-sized doses of motivation on his popular YouTube channel and on his website,

In the interview, Richard and I discuss idiolects and dialects, the importance of making language ability a “need” instead of just a “want”, the fact that anyone can learn a language since everyone does, the key difference between casual language learners and accomplished polyglots, what languages Richard speaks and how he learned (and maintains) them, the advantages of learning languages in university, Richard’s language learning routine, the pros and cons of continuing to refine a language or pursuing a “new pretty flower”, the fact that language learning is “over learning”, the power of phonetic patterns in languages, and more.

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Resources Mentioned in the Episode

  • Borgen: a Danish political drama
  • Nordic Noir: A genre of Scandinavian TV with dark themes, plain language, and morally complex plot lines.
  • Euronews: a smartphone app which includes video, audio & text in multiple languages, including English, Arabic, French, German, Greek, Hungarian, Italian, Persian, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Turkish, and Ukrainian.
  • The Polyglot Conference: A place for polyglots and language lovers of all levels to meet, laugh, and learn. Don’t miss the 2015 conference in New York!

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