The Polyglot Project, a collection of language learning tips from polyglots and language enthusiasts across the globe (including yours truly), is now available as both a physical book on Amazon and as a free PDF download.

Who Contributed to The Polyglot Project?

This tome of language learning awesomeness contains over 500 pages of advice, tips, and success stories, with contributions from 43 authors, including:

  • Yuriy Nikshych
  • Shana Tan
  • Philip Price
  • Peter E. Browne
  • Moses McCormick
  • Amy Burr
  • Ivan Kupka
  • Dion Francavilla
  • Oscar
  • Nelson Mendez
  • Luka Skrbic
  • Félix
  • Graeme
  • Paul Barbato
  • Anthony Lauder
  • Stephen Eustace
  • Skrik
  • Raashid Kola
  • Christopher Sarda
  • Vera
  • Steve Kaufmann
  • Stuart Jay Raj
  • Benny Lewis
  • skyblueteapot
  • Lorenzo R. Curtis
  • Dave Cius
  • Carlos Cajuste
  • Kristiaan
  • SanneT
  • Jara
  • Aaron Posehn
  • Mick
  • Albert Subirats
  • Felipe Belizaire
  • John Fotheringham
  • Fang
  • Cody Dudgeon
  • Edward Chien
  • Bart Vervaart
  • Kathleen Hearons
  • Mike Campbell
  • David James

Who Created The Polyglot Project?

The book is the brainchild of Claude Cartaginese of Syzygy on Languages, who also edited the work. In his own words, The Polyglot Project is:

“a book written entirely by YouTube Polyglots and language learners. In it, they explain their foreign language learning methodologies. It is motivating, informative and (dare one say) almost encyclopedic in its scope. There is nothing else like it.”

Where Can You Get the Book?

The Polyglot Project is available as a free PDF or as a physical book via Amazon. You can also download a PDF of just my section if you prefer.

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