Kevin Morehouse is the man behind, a site dedicated to helping language learners start their journey, find allies, and stay the course. Kevin is a certified Italian teacher and soon to be certified in Spanish as well. In our interview, Kevin and I discuss:

  • The advantages and disadvantages of learning a foreign language in the classroom.
  • The problem with waiting until one is “ready” to start speaking.
  • The fact that immersion is a choice. Don’t wait for the language to come to you!
  • The power of social accountability (e.g. making commitments to other people).
  • The problem with letting emotions drive when/if one studies.
  • The importance of focusing on process over end goals.
  • The many linguistic and social benefits of working with tutors.
  • The fact that extroversion is not required to learn a language well.
  • What “Language Hero” is and why he created it.
  • Why learning a language is no longer a resource problem, but rather a confidence problem.
  • The difference between polyglots and failed learners is drive, not ability.
  • “Get in line, and stay in line.”
  • A typical day of language learning for Kevin.
  • Kevin’s favorite language learning tools and resources.
  • The dangers of uncontrolled Internet use.

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