10 Secrets Language Schools Don’t Want You to Know

Language schools can be a wonderful place to learn more about your target language, meet fellow learners (who can become both study partners or even lifelong friends), and get your linguistic and cultural feet wet before (or even while) immersing yourself in a new culture and foreign tongue. However, language schools can also be a major impediment to the very goal you go there to achieve: learning a foreign language as quickly and efficiently as possible. This may come as a shock to those who have been conditioned to believe that classrooms are the only place, or at least the best place, to learn a language. Read on to see the top ten disadvantages of formal, classroom-based language learning.

Input vs. Output: John’s 2¢ on the Debate

As a language learning addict, I follow lots (and I mean lots) of polyglot blogs and podcasts. It is always interesting to see what has worked (and what hasn’t worked) for successful language learners. While most agree on the vast majority of language learning DOs and DON’Ts, there is one area that always seems to cause heated debate: input (i.e. listening and reading) versus language output (i.e. speaking and writing). Here’s where I throw down on the issue…

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