Language as a Window into Human Nature

I’m a big fan of Harvard’s Steven Pinker and RSA Animate makes his excellent talk about language and human nature even better. If you enjoy the talk, I highly suggest his influential book, The Language Instinct. Incidentally, it was the first book I was assigned in university linguistics, is one of the only assigned books from university that I still own, and is the only college text I actually reread regularly for fun…


Author: John Fotheringham

My name is John Fotheringham and I’m a languaholic. I originally hail from Seattle, but have spent most of the past decade living, learning, and working in Japan, Bangladesh, China, and Taiwan. I currently reside in Los Angeles where I am a full-time "manny" (or "bro pair" as my older brother calls me) for my 5-year-old nephew. I focus most on Japanese, Mandarin Chinese, and Spanish but love all languages. And corny puns. And sushi. You can learn more about my other projects at:

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  • Alex Moen

    Interesting stuff. Steven Pinker always seems to have an interesting way of explaining the way brains work.